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Company Culture
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(1) Company mission:
Refining always makes gold quality, casting infinite valu

(2) Factory training:
 Iron discipline-is our code of conduct!
 Do everything well-is our program of action!
 Improving skills and quality-is our top priority!
 Ensuring product quality is our unshirkable responsibility!

(3) Company business philosophy:
Use useful talents to be a pioneer in the industry!

(4) Growth model:
Mutual trust Cooperation Win-win  Development
 (5) Action criteria:
One can succeed when he keeps moving ahead, one can succeed when he is not greedy

 (6) Golden Rule:
Treat others like you want them to treat you

 (7) Life testimonials:
The goal of life: not to increase wealth, but to increase happiness!

 (8) Law of competition:
The survival of the fittest is the only way to use it.

 (9) Executive concept:
Use action to prove, be result-oriented!




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