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General manager's speech
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Time flies, the stars change, and we usher in new hope for the new millennium.

Looking back on the journey of "Changjin" people, I was full of emotions. Let the sweat that has flowed, the bitterness and joy that have been experienced, and the delivery time to be sealed, and what is in mind is that unchanging belief!

Entering this era of wisdom and passion, "Changjin" advocates management-oriented business philosophy, and strives to absorb and cultivate a diligent, united, and tenacious high-quality team, so that every talented person has Good development opportunities and development space.

The ever-changing market and realistic competition have changed the "Changjin" people, and the changes have made the "Changjin" people mature and promote the rapid growth of the company. This is also an affirmation of the efforts and achievements of the "Changjin" people. Similarly, "Chang Jin" firmly believes that hard work, seriousness and wisdom will be recognized and rewarded.

No matter yesterday, today or tomorrow, "Changjin" business^ cannot be separated from the full support and help of customers and friends. "Mutual trust, cooperation, win-win, development" is the core of all activities of "Changjin", and the original intention will not change. .

"Changjin" is willing to become a fertile ground for talented people with lofty ideals to show their wisdom and realize their dreams. And it should be a reliable and trustworthy partner.

General Manager: Cha Xiaofeng     

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