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  • PGC Plate Dryer (Thermal Plate)
  • PGC Plate Dryer (Thermal Plate)
  • PGC Plate Dryer (Thermal Plate)
PGC Plate Dryer (Thermal Plate)
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Product Overview: Features:◆ Jinling is a professional manufacturer of plate dryers. By including the design of suspension shafts used overseas, we can apply the axial feeding method (feeding device is optional), and professionally designs and manufactures equipment …

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◆ Jinling is a professional manufacturer of plate dryers. By including the design of suspension shafts used overseas, we can apply the axial feeding method (feeding device is optional), and professionally designs and manufactures equipment for different materials, with better performance in terms of the uniformity of the material distribution, as well as the efficiency and stability of the drying process.
◆ Depending on the characteristics of different materials such as production rate, specific gravity and particle size, different numbers of shaft arms, scrapers and layers can be selected. The shaft arms, discs and structures of the scrapper have been further designed and upgraded.
◆ Optional compensating compound heating design can significantly improve drying efficiency.
◆ The special transmission structure of the main shaft increases the performance of the main shaft in terms of strength and airtightness, which also makes it easier to disassemble and maintain.
◆ Different methods of uniformly feeding, distributing, and crushing the material are used for this machine to avoid leakage of the material and effectively improve drying performance.
◆ This machine is mainly applicable for drying powder or granular materials that are easy to flow; fluids and pasty materials are strictly prohibited from entering the dryer; heat-sensitive materials or materials that are easily cross-contaminated, agglomerated, or melted are generally not recommended in this case.
◆ In 2017, our company designed and produced the ternary battery plate dryer with innovation, which has shown great performance in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection. It also significantly reduced the pollution caused by heavy metals, thereby overturning traditional drying methods and being widely used in the industry.


◆ The wet material is continuously added by the feeder to the upper distributing tray of the dryer, and then falls on the first layer of the drying plate. The paddle arm with blades stirs the material through the rotary motion. The material flows past the surface of the drying plate in the form of the exponential spiral. Once the material on the small drying plate moves to the outer edge, it falls to the outer edge of the large drying plate below. The material on the large drying plate moves inward and falls through the discharge hole in the middle to the small drying plate of the next level. The large and small drying plates are arranged alternately, so that the material can continuously flow through the entire dryer. Each hollow drying plate is filled with a heating medium (saturated steam, hot water, or thermal oil). The heating medium enters from one end of the drying plate and exits from the other end. The dried material falls from the last layer of the drying plates to the bottom of the machine body, and is finally transferred to the outlet by the rake blades for discharging. The water evaporated is discharged through the moisture exhaust port on the top cover. The auxiliary machine such as pre-heater, cyclone separator, bag-type dust collector and hoist can increase the production efficiency of the dryer. This equipment has the advantages of hot air convection, heat conduction, and the combination of stirring and conveying. The structure uses the large and small heating plates which are sheet stamped and welded, as well as the rotary paddle blades whose swing motion is adjustable. It also has features such as feeding of fixed quantity and frequency control. The series-parallel method is used for inputting heating media, and the cooling method is used during the end of the process. The material layer is thin; the thermal resistance is low; the heating area is fully utilized. These are the advantage of drying through heat conduction, which has a high energy efficiency. It has been shown through many practices that that the equipment has a neat and compact structure, and a sealed environment for continuous production; it makes adjustment and maintenance easy, and makes operation stable and reliable; the installed power is low; it has high efficiency and low energy consumption; the drying time and the layer thickness are adjustable; it also has low labor intensity and good operating environment; small space is required; the equipment has a wide range of applications.

(一)调控容易、适用性强(一)调控简便、适用性强。(1) Easy to control; wide applications
1.The drying process can be optimized by adjusting the thickness of the material layer, the speed of the main shaft, the number of paddle arms, the blade style and the blade size.
2.Each layer of drying plate can be individually heated or cooled by heating or cooling media.
3.The retention time of the material can be adjusted precisely.
4.The material only flows one way to avoid mixing caused by backwash. No further mixing is necessary since the drying is uniform and the quality is consistent.
(2) Simple and easy operation
1.It is very easy to start and stop the dryer
2.Once the feeding stops, the paddle blades can quickly remove the material in the dryer.
3.Through the special large-size inspection door, the inside of the equipment can be carefully cleaned and observed.
(3) Low energy consumption
1.The material layer is very thin; the speed of the main shaft is low; the power required for the material transfer system is very little; the energy consumption is low.
2.Drying via heat conduction; thermal efficiency is high and energy consumption is low.
(4) Advantageous operating environment; recyclable solvent; low dust emission
Due to the low air velocity and humidity distribution in the equipment, which is high on the top and low on the bottom, very little dust is discharged.
(5) Fast drying speed
The fixed plate has a sandwich structure, which is heated or cooled by liquid or steam as a heat transfer medium. The material falls like a waterfall from the edge of the drying plate to the lower plate, in which case the drying or cooling process can be accelerated.

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PGC Plate Dryer (Thermal Plate)
PGC Plate Dryer (Thermal Plate)
PGC Plate Dryer (Thermal Plate)
PGC Plate Dryer (Thermal Plate)
PGC Plate Dryer (Thermal Plate)
PGC Plate Dryer (Thermal Plate)
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