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Metal Sludge Paddle Dryer

Case Overview: The metal sludge dryer can dry the sludge with high moisture and high viscosity. Its price is reasonable, the drying process is simple, the recycling rate of metal elements is high, and the treatment cost is low.

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The blade dryer has low energy consumption: due to indirect heating, there is no large amount of air to take away the heat, and the outer wall of the dryer is provided with an insulation layer. For slurry materials, only 1.2kg of water vapor is needed to evaporate 1kg of water.

The blade dryer system is low in cost and has a huge heat transfer surface per unit effective volume, which shortens the processing time and reduces the size of the equipment. This greatly reduces the building area and building space.

 The paddle dryer has a wide range of materials and uses different heat media. It can process heat-sensitive materials as well as materials that require high-temperature processing. Commonly used media are: steam, heat transfer oil, hot water, cooling water, etc. It can be operated continuously or intermittently, and can be used in many fields.

The dry environment of the blade is less polluted: no air is used, and there is little dust material entrainment. The solvent evaporation of the material is very small, which is easy to handle. For contaminated materials or working conditions where solvents need to be recovered, a closed loop can be used.

The operating cost is low and the operation is stable. Due to the special compression-expansion and stirring effect of the wedge-shaped blade, the material particles are fully in contact with the heat transfer surface. In the axial section, the temperature, humidity, and mixing degree gradient of the material is very small, so Ensure the stability of the process.

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