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  • Concentrated evaporator project
Concentrated evaporator project

Case Overview: After the secondary vapor from the evaporator is compressed by the compressor, the pressure and temperature increase, and the heat enthalpy increases accordingly, and is sent to the heating chamber of the evaporator as the heat source for heating the …

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The MVR mechanical vapor recompression equipment uses the secondary steam generated in the evaporation system to perform work through the compressor, increasing the steam pressure and enthalpy, circulating for heating and evaporation, having full use of the residual heat of the secondary steam and condensate in the system, and saving energy efficiently. In addition to using fresh steam during starting of the machine and steam for preheating raw materials, no extra steam is necessary. The evaporator can be self- circulated to achieve the purpose of evaporation and concentration, which can save 70 ~ 90% of energy consumption.


◆The floor area is small, and it is not restricted by the setting occasion;

◆Can remove ammonia nitrogen and refractory organic matter;

◆Convenient operation and management, easy to realize automation;

◆The heater, preheater and condenser tube sheets all adopt integral tube sheets to extend the service life of the equipment;

◆ Adopt liquid level automatic control system, automatic feeding, automatic discharge of condensate;

◆The discharging adopts a separation device to increase the discharging crystal content. After separation, most of the crystals are obtained, the mother liquor is less refluxed, and the heat energy to be re-consumed is less, which is particularly energy-saving.

◆ The forced circulation evaporator is adopted, which has the advantages of high heat transfer coefficient, high evaporation intensity, reduction of wall formation and pipe blockage, etc. It is especially suitable for materials that produce crystals during the evaporation process.

◆The pump self-circulation system is adopted to keep the crystals and mother liquor circulating at all times to avoid the blockage of the crystal deposition.

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Concentrated evaporator project
Concentrated evaporator project
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